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Volusion Average Rating Review Widget

Volusion Average Rating Customer Review Widget

Does your site have stellar customer reviews, but they’re buried under product descriptions, and images? With our Customer Review Widget, you can now dynamically move your “Average Rating” number of reviews so they are displayed below your product’s price.

This widget will instantly update when a customer submits a review, and allows for new and returning customers to quickly see what others have rated the product. With a built in smooth scroll, users will be directed to the review section at the bottom of your page in one fluid scroll, so they can review what was said about the product.

Install our script into the header section of your site, and voilà!

Featuring your average rating right by your product’s price is the best way to inform your customers of your fantastic reviews without forcing them to take the time to scroll down each page to read the reviews. This Average Rating along with Customer Reviews will not only add a stylish look to your product pages, but can also be the push visitors need to become paying customers!

Interested in adding our Volusion Average Rating & Customer Review Widget to your site, or looking to start a new project? Contact us, we’d love to hear from you!

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