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Search Refinement Widget for Volusion

Let’s say you are in the market for a new office chair.  The one you use has lost its padding,  and your bum has been falling asleep after sitting for a long length of time behind a desk.  You’ve had enough of putting up with that hard seat, and are ready to commit to a soft, yet supportive chair that will treat you right.  You want to find a great chair for a reasonable price, (because honestly who wants to pay $800+ for a chair?), BUT shopping online can be so overwhelming.

You search for a site that sells office chairs, and finally find one that looks like there’s a nice selection to choose from.  Now you’re just looking through a massive list of products.  A variety of options is great, but no one wants to spend their time scouring over product pages, trying to find the item that is the right color, material, and price.  In the end, you might decide to abandon the task altogether, and settle for the chair you have.  This is a lose-lose situation.  You couldn’t find the product you were looking for, and that site just lost a sale.

This is when it’s time for a widget to step in and save the day!  A search refinement widget enables a user to breakdown search results by category options.  In order to setup a custom filter, a store’s products need to be created within categories and subcategories that will support the search criteria.  If a store sells affordable chairs, you could use custom filters for Price and Color.  This encourages you to participate by selecting $50-$100 range, and Red for your color of choice because you’re feeling a little fiery today. Now you are viewing products based on the parameters you have defined, have found the red chair of your dreams for $80, and can assure your bum that a kinder chair is on its way!

Volusion Check Box Refinement Option

If you have a Volusion store, and would like to offer a check box refinement on your site, Border7 Studios can redesign and restructure the functionality of Volusion’s side navigation.  With this widget, your customers can refine their product search based on criteria such as color, price, brand, size, etc.  This can help increase searches on your site, which can lead to more sales. Redesigning and restructuring Volusion’s side navigation, allows us to customize and stylize the look of the widget so it compliments your site’s design.

Interested in starting a project, or have a question for the Border7 Team?  Contact us, we’d love to hear from you!

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