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Importance of Strategy and a Project Blueprint

When we talk about our process, we like to use the analogy of an architect vs. a handy man. If you are building an addition onto your home, you’re going to need a blueprint of what you’re looking to build. It’s necessary to make sure you have a plan before building, know what resources you are going to need, that everything is quality and up to code, and to ensure that everyone knows exactly what is going to be done and how long it will take. A Project Blueprint is also what separates web projects from being just an expense that address a list of tasks, to being an investment that will help grow your business faster.

Architect vs. Handyman

An architect is going to ask you about your goals for the new house. Some of these might include questions like: Why are you looking to do this project? Who is it going to be for? How many additional rooms do you want? What do you want the experience to be as you move from room to room?  Will they have guests over? Do you want space to entertain your guests? What kind of materials do you want to use and in what color? They’ll also make recommendations based on past projects, as well as based on the information you’ve shared with them.

With this information, they’ll also be able to map out specific details, like: Where should outlets be placed for your convenience and appliance requirements? These specific details and understanding the goals behind the project are what help an architect create a blueprint that will fit your unique needs and requirements. They can also help create a plan that will not only support you now, but will support you and your family in the future, anticipating your needs all because thorough planning was done.

The same goes for web work. If we can focus on specific objectives and discuss the why behind your project, we can make valuable recommendations and be an asset to you and your team.  Without strategy and planning, we are completing a list of tasks that have either been created by the client, or, we’re making assumptions based on just a few interactions.

Disadvantages of the Handyman Approach

Without a blueprint or an assessment of the area where you want to build, it may turn out that the foundation is cracked, or there is mold in the walls of the house. It also means that the architect cannot make recommendations, as they only have a list to work from.

Not taking the time to assess the build site can lead to huge problems in the long run, as you are not starting with a solid foundation. In this situation, if you decided to hire a handyman because you want to save money or because you just don’t think you need an architect, you could end up with a place that looks nice, but isn’t up to code, won’t support the future updates you want to make to the house, and on top of everything, it has a cracked foundation and moldy walls.

Why a Project Blueprint?

Strategy allows us to focus and clarify the goals for the project, not just the deliverables or a list of tasks that will be completed. It’s how we begin all projects and it allows us to help set benchmarks so we can measure our progress along the way.

What we do is an investment, not an expense because we help you reach your goals and see a return on your investment. Choosing to forgo strategy and planning puts an agency in the position of a handy man, fulfilling a list of to-dos.

Price and Turnaround for a Blueprint

The total price and anticipated turnaround time for a Blueprint depends on what you are looking to achieve. We take into account your challenges, short-term and long-term goals, resources and budget.

We then establish benchmarks so we can measure our progress along the way, and create a blueprint with you that will address your challenges and help you achieve your online goals. Some of the objectives we’ve helped with over the years are:

  1. Minor Site Update

  2. Full Redesign

  3. Drive Traffic to Site

  4. Increase Conversions

  5. Reduce Click Depth & Improve Navigation

  6. Improve User Experience & Engagement

  7. Build a Custom Solution

  8. Integrate Multiple Systems Together


If you have questions for our team, or if you are interested in discussing your project, post a comment below or Send Us a Message! To see if our process and the Project Blueprint is the right fit for your business Click Here.

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