When Myspace was the big thing, everyone wanted to have the most friends. With Twitter, the number of followers extends to the number of people you reach. Celebrities and Experts compare their twitter followers, should companies be comparing the number of likes to their page? Are likes the same thing as followers and friends?

In all honesty, no, they’re not. The number of people who like your page don’t necessarily mean that they want to read your message. As a small business owner, they may not be interested in your brand, and only liked you because you had that recent contest for an iPad. A “like” is only as valuable as the person is to your company. Is this person a potential customer? Someone who will refer others? Or is this person only liking us for this week’s contest?

A lot of company owners utilize their Facebook page for simple research, be it products or marketing messages. This is where the biggest crux in the value of “likes” lies. If 1/3 of the people who like you’re fan page aren’t really interested in your brand, the information they provide, the demographics of them even, shouldn’t hold any weight to your decisions. This is something that business owners need to remind themselves when they look at they’re numbers.

How do you feel about the Facebook “like”? Is it important to have as high of a number with little interaction? Or would you prefer lower numbers with fans who interact with you?

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