The Power of Persuasive Blogging

Blogging is becoming more and more an everyday staple of the daily life. Personally, the moment I log onto the internet I check my RSS subscriptions and catch up on all the latest happenings amongst my blogging friends. Blogging allows everyday people to have a voice and reach an audience they never could before.

Through the use of blogs it is possible to teach new things, expand your business, promote yourself, or anything else for that matter.  There are 5 Immutable Laws of Persuasive Blogging - Per Copyblogger (I am subscribed to them too) – that will never change, regardless of what you blog about.

1. The Law of Value

There is no point to read something that provides no value to you. Simple as that.

2. The Law of Headlines and Hooks

There are millions of blogs. People skim pages and are looking for something to catch the eye. Headlines are naturally bigger text, so they will stand out, use them wisely!

3. The Law of “How To”

One of the two most asked questions is How – the other being Why, but that is a totally other story. If you can explain the How on something, you have found an audience.

4. The Law of List

Lists are just a great formatting technique. When things are listed out in front of you, its easy to digest and determine its value.

5. The Law of Story

A story, especially an engaging one, gives you the opportunity to “present a problem, the solution, and the results, all while the connotation of the story allows readers to sell themselves on what you have to offer.”

We are still working on all of these aspects and like writing term papers, practice makes perfect. Do you agree with the people at Copyblogger? Or do you think they are missing something?