We get many valid questions from our clients, one of the most frequently asked one  is how to gain more conversions from site visitors. Whether you’re ranked #1 on Google, or on the last page, your ranking falls upon deaf ears if you’re not churning out conversions from visitors. Volusion just released a helpful video on ways to reduce bounce rates, here’s the jist of it: 


First, you want to analyze your site analytics to see which pages are causing the most bounces.  A high bounce rate means that your visitor did not find what they were looking for on that page, as related to that keyword. (Stay on Search) Once you’ve figured out what they’re looking for, try to add more content that applies to them.


Next, you need to create focus.

As a design firm, we too are guilty of falling into the “vanity” trap, in which we’ll be drawn to something that’s visually engaging, but lacks functionality. Don’t get bogged down with tons of graphics and heavy decoration, simplify things by focusing on a few products, sales or promos.


Make sure you don’t have long load times. No one likes long lines, or, in ecommerce terms,long load times. Volusion store owners on V11 should enable their CDN (Content Distribution Network) which decreases loading times. Click here to learn how.


Gain Credibility

Your site design is like a first impression, and having a great site design is the fastest way to gain credibility.  Let’s put it this way: if your ads say that you have the finest jewelry this side of the hemisphere, and your office building is located in downtown Compton, visitors might be a little wary of what you have to offer. The takeaway here is not to scare your customers away! Halloween’s over, so make sure your web design is clean (remember what we said about focus) but still appealing.


We want to hear from you! Any SEO success stories after redesigning your site? Or are you at your wit’s end trying to decrease bounces? SEO secrets to share with us? Let us know! Comment board’s below!






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