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We first heard about Flowtown after hearing that it allowed for business owners to find which social networks their clients belonged to. I know, our first thought was “that borders on creepy”, too.  Before you run off feeling squeamish, here us out. Flowtown actually lends itself to some valuable marketing techniques.  How so? Well, we all know how important networks like Facebook & Twitter are for marketing purposes, but Flowtown makes it easier to target what your clients want to hear about and gain the info about them that you want.

Flowtown imports

Flowtown Dashboard

How does it work?

Plug in your contacts by inserting the person’s name or email address, and Flowtown will provide the social networks in which each contact participates. You can import email lists manually, upload it as a CSV, or via Gmail, iContact, Mailchimp or Facebook.


  • Engage potentials and clients more effectively by learning about what they’re interested in.
  • Now that you’ve targeted your prey, make your move by providing them with relevant content.
  • Know who’s influential by seeing their “klout” score.
  • Have access to 50+ social media profiles belonging to different users

Other stuff you should be aware of:

  • The first 50 imports are free…but they won’t be a good measure of your entire email list (given your list is substantially larger)
  • Top influencers don’t necessarilly mean anything to your business
  • An occupations chart (which would solve the last issue) doesn’t exist at the moment.
  • Lack of differentiation between social media profile uses.  As Devon Smith says in her article “Flowtown: Worth it?”  says, sure, a user might have a registered account on 5 of these sites, but which one do they actually use?

At $.05 per import, or a monthly fee,  Flowtown may be something your company would want to invest in. It gives you the information you want, it’s up to you to decide how you’re gonna use it.



Note: Flowtown is currently undergoing maintenance and we are waiting access to a trial to take a second look. Be sure to check back in for a follow up post.

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