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Border7 Widget for Bigcommerce Options The purpose of this Bigcommerce options widget is to create a user friendly interface that allows a user to refine through groups of options quickly and easily – all while reducing the load time of the webpage. Bigcommerce allows users to create Options with a various set of ‘Display Types,’ […]

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Battle of the platforms: BigCommerce vs. Volusion


When shopping for an e-commerce platform to host your store on, it’s always best to compare options instead of choosing the first one you see. Like most people, we do our homework to find something reliable and that fits our standards, right? Having a high rated e-commerce platform is important when it comes to running an online store, but it’s also smart to pick one that is right for your business.

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Favorite New Features in BigCommerce

BigCommerce is slowly becoming my personal favorite shopping cart. They’ve added more features to make your e-commerce platform even more powerful. Not only are these new additions wonderful, but they tend to add new features on a regular basis. Two things that they’ve added to the built-in software that I’m in love with are the Product QuickView and Automatic Product Review Reminders.

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New API in the works for BigCommerce

Hope it’s been a smooth Monday for everyone! We’ve been working on a full store design and setup for a BigCommerce store to be, and we’re really diggin’ BC’s latest editions with their product options. If you were unaware of these editions, check this post out. Next step for BC is releasing their new API, […]

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BigCommerce Launches Better Import/Export Wizard and New Product Options

Import/Export Wizard

Edit SKUs or add more SKUs with options and specify price and weight changes for each one
You can manage your entire product and inventory data from a single spreadsheet which can be simply exported, or bulk updated in Excel or Google Docs and then re imported in a couple clicks.

Define rules for Option Sets (Coming Soon)

As of right now, you can apply options (such as size, style, color) to option sets such as t-shirt options and then assign to specific products. You can still do this, but now you can also create rules to adjust price/weight/stock/photos, etc. as part of the option set. This way, any product assigned to a particular opt set will also inherit rules you’ve created.

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CL Skate: New BigCommerce Store is Now Live!

CL Skate moved their store over from ProStores to BigCommerce as a comprehensive eCommerce solution.
And after! Now the site offers custom drop downs along with a neat slider showcasing all the brands they have to offer. The site has always displayed some great conent, but now its organized in a neater fashion. Payment options are displayed upfront, there’s a clear call to action (“Newsletter sign up”) and all their site info is compacted into a nice little box on the lower left hand side. Our personal favorite part of the site are the bouncy promo buttons. Hover over them and they’ll change on you.

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BigCommerce Hosts SEO Webinar

Recently BigCommerce held their first webinar that covered a few hot topics, including how to’s related to a site’s credibility, effective store designs and search engine optimization tips. We cherry picked some key points and are bringing it to you to save you some trouble.   How to get more product reviews: So dream scenario: […]

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Review of BigCommerce7 Product Options

Border7’s Observations about the new BigCommerce

It’s much easier to get simple multiple tasks done. Less clicks are required to create new categories and subcategories.
User has greater control over shipping settings by allowing them to utilize the “amount per product” button.
Our example:

We said our product would be 5 LBS. For other products that weighed 5 lbs, the shipping cost was $4, but for this particular product, we wanted to make the shipping cost $5. BigCommerce allowed for us to easily change the shipping settings for this. Shipping settings are easy to manipulate, and once again, gives the user great control over their store.

SKU’s: If this AND This VERSUS a rule, in which you’re saying something more like “If this and this or this or this”.

Rules should be used for products in which the settings are more specific.

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