Favorite New Features in BigCommerce

BigCommerce is slowly becoming my personal favorite shopping cart. They’ve added more features to make your e-commerce platform even more powerful. Not only are these new additions wonderful, but they tend to add new features on a regular basis. Two things that they’ve added to the built-in software that I’m in love with are the Product QuickView and Automatic Product Review Reminders. Why do I love them so much?

Product QuickView

The fewer clicks to add an item to cart, the more likely the sale will convert. By having this option built into their software, BigCommerce store owners have added value. From what I’ve seen thus far, you will see all the options and description and can easily purchase products to your heart’s content. Now that’s what I’m talking about.

Automatic Product Review Reminders

Another new built-in feature is that the BigCommerce system will send emails to customers a few days after they’ve made an order reminding them to review the products they ordered. The email and time frame are completely customization and if you play around with it, you can easily build this into your marketing strategy and help promote more orders.


Those are my two favorites, but BigCommerce also included an Import Preview Mode, Integration with PixIr Express, and WebDAV. So Go BigCommerce for being on top of the game and adding new features to help store owners grow their business.